The objectives of SOPHOS-AFRICA are to:-
  • See 18% of influencers or opinion leaders in specific communities have attained transformed mind-set, outlook and values.

  • Generate research-based transformational ideas and data from a research think tank made up of at least 7 professionals

  • Produce and publish materials based on research findings to be used for outreach programmes and transformational training

  • Educate key individuals and groups in different sectors of society that corruption, ethnocentrism, and religious extremism lead to poverty

  • Support the influencers and opinion leaders in churches, educational institutions, in the business community and in government and NGOs as they effectively and meaningfully address:
    o Corruption and causes of corruption.
    o Ethnocentrism and causes and effects of ethnocentric activities.
    o Religious extremism and its causes and effects.

  • Establish in selected villages women-led income generating and self-help programmes which centre on restored relationships, transformed values, and female empowerment

  • Provide a platform of conversation for theological educators in Africa to discuss matters of common concern relating to the role of theology in the public square, particularly in terms of enabling leaders to reconsider, promote and practise Judeo-Christian value