SOPHOS AFRICA is an idea that matters to Africa. It matters because:

  • it focuses on the potential of Africans to solve Africa’s complex problems through African wisdom, leadership, and resources in partnership with global communities.
  • it is about a critical assessment of contextual realities and deep reflection on why things are the way they are in Africa.
  • it is about stimulating, nurturing, and mobilising a critical mass of change agents and ethical entrepreneurs.
  • it is about unleashing genuine and sustainable change in the continent through tackling not only the pandemic of poverty but also societal factors contributing to poverty such as a culture of corruption, ethnic disharmony, and religious intolerance and violence.
  • it is about healthy partnerships based on reciprocity rather than power relations based on zero-sum game.

It is because of all this that we have embarked on this journey of hope and imagination towards a free, resilient, and flourishing Africa with strong ethical foundations.

Please be part of this journey through your donations to SOPHOS AFRICA’s current projects in Ethiopia. For example:

  • £4 or $10 will provide one-day training for one trainer.
  • £40 or $50 will provide one-day training for 10 change agents.
  • £40 or $50 will equip 10 professionals in corruption prevention or overcoming ethnocentrism (or tribalism).
  • £80 or $100 will provide one of 6 foundational group discussion units on topics such as ‘Ethics and Corruption’ and ‘Mindset and Culture’ for a group of 25 government officials, businesspeople, educators, or religious leaders.
  • £120 or $150 will provide training for 10 women or young unemployed graduates in job creation, business ethics, and successful entrepreneurship.
  • £150 or $200 will provide 10% of seed money for one woman or young unemployed graduate to establish a small or medium enterprise.
  • £150 or $200 will cover the cost of one researcher/data collector.