SOPHOS AFRICA is an idea that matters to Africa for the following reasons:

  • Unlocking Africa’s Potential: Your support empowers Africans to harness their wisdom, leadership, and resources to address the continent’s most complex challenges. SOPHOS AFRICA believes in the power of homegrown solutions, fostering a spirit of self-reliance and ownership.
  • A Catalyst for Transformation: Your investment fuels a critical assessment of contextual realities and deep reflection on the root causes of Africa’s struggles. SOPHOS AFRICA dares to ask the tough questions, challenging conventional thinking and paving the way for lasting change.
  • Nurturing Change Agents: Your donation cultivates a critical mass of ethical entrepreneurs and change agents committed to driving genuine and sustainable transformation across the continent. SOPHOS AFRICA is a breeding ground for innovative ideas and bold leadership.
  • Holistic Approach to Development: Your contribution tackles not only the pandemic of poverty but also the societal factors that perpetuate it, such as corruption, ethnic disharmony, and religious intolerance. SOPHOS AFRICA believes in addressing the root causes for long-term, sustainable impact.
  • Partnerships Built on Reciprocity: Your support fosters healthy partnerships based on mutual respect and shared goals, rather than power dynamics rooted in zero-sum games. SOPHOS AFRICA values collaboration, learning, and growth on both sides of the equation.
  • A Legacy of Empowerment: Your donation is an investment in Africa’s future, empowering communities to shape their own destinies. SOPHOS AFRICA envisions a continent where Africans are the architects of their own success, driving progress and prosperity for generations to come.

It is because of all this that we have embarked on this journey of hope and imagination towards a free, resilient, and flourishing Africa with strong ethical foundations.

Please be part of this journey through your donations to SOPHOS AFRICA’s current projects in Ethiopia. For example:

  • £4 or $10 will provide one-day training for one trainer.
  • £40 or $50 will provide one-day training for 10 change agents.
  • £40 or $50 will equip 10 professionals in corruption prevention or overcoming ethnocentrism (or tribalism).
  • £80 or $100 will provide one of 6 foundational group discussion units on topics such as ‘Ethics and Corruption’ and ‘Mindset and Culture’ for a group of 25 government officials, businesspeople, educators, or religious leaders.
  • £120 or $150 will provide training for 10 women or young unemployed graduates in job creation, business ethics, and successful entrepreneurship.
  • £150 or $200 will provide 10% of seed money for one woman or young unemployed graduate to establish a small or medium enterprise.
  • £150 or $200 will cover the cost of one researcher/data collector.