Resilient and Flourishing Societies

The Five Strategic Pillars

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Academic –> Mindset, Culture and Values
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From untransformed outlook
and praxis to transformed
outlook and praxis
. . .

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Ethical –> Corruption
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From a culture of corruption to moral transformation and a culture of stewardship. . .

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Economic –> Poverty
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From endemic poverty to
prosperity, and flourishing
and fair society . . .

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Religious –> Extremism
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From a culture of extremism
to tolerance and peaceful
co-existence . . .

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Political –> Ethnocentrism
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From a culture of ethnocentrism
to inclusive identity, common
narrative and cosmopolitanism . . .

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3Cs and Their Interconnected Functions

Critical Understanding

Critical Understanding

Research Think Tank


Cultural and Value Change

Culture and Value Change

Capacity Development & Social Movement

Dynamic Network
Change Agents

step of golden coins stacks on table with tree growing on top, nature background, money, saving and investment concept

Creation Of Wealth

Economic Empowerment

Value Change
amongst Women
and Young


Organisational Description

SOPHOS AFRICA is a new non-profit organisation. Following the conception of its vision, it carried out ground activities in 2021 including defining strategic directions, sharing the vision to stakeholders and partners, developing governance, and registering the organisation. SOPHOS AFRICA is now a legal entity in Ethiopia, the USA and UK. Each entity has its own governing body. SOPHOS AFRICA has also established non-governing Advisory Councils in Europe and North America.      


Resilient and Flourishing Society Through a
Critical Mass of Changed Minds and Lives

Problem Statement

SOPHOS AFRICA seeks to respond to an intricate web of societal ills that, along with other problems, have kept nearly half a billion Africans in a
precarious existence. Its response is designed to be a further contribution to the already existing efforts of governmental and non-governmental

A Critical Mass of Change Agents (18%)

  • Values and principles
  • Transformed mind-sets, policies and
    ethical practices
  • Transformed mind-sets, policies and
    ethical practices
    Minority opinion: change can be achieved

A Critical Mass of Change Agents

  • Values and principles
  • Transformed culture, outlook, policies,
    actions and relationships
  • Integrity, stewardship, inclusiveness,
    prosperity, peaceful co-existence


The mission of SOPHOS AFRICA is, for the public benefit and in line with Judeo-Christian values and principles, to prevent or relieve poverty and address factors that contribute to poverty. 

Core Values

Truth, love, integrity, mutuality, reciprocity, sacrifice, and accountability.

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